Thank you for being such a powerful force in my life. Showing me what I’m capable of when I never saw anything more of myself than a twig bitch.


I have two days to gain four pounds. Two today, two tomorrow. Bring on the carbs.


On my way to the recruiter in about an hour, for my second to last meeting before I ship. He’s gunna tell me things like “don’t volunteer for anything” and “you’ll do great in the fitness aspect” “try to stay positive it’ll fly by” but really all I’m needing to hear is that this is all worth it.

I need to be reassured that I’m not making a dumbass mistake and that I should just stay here, get my level 1, work at Hellbox with my friends and family, and eventually become a cop for the city, retire, and live happily ever after with the boy of my dreams. I need to be reminded that choosing this path will help me succeed throughout my life.

But mostly I need to be reminded that this will all be here when I come back. I need to know this won’t change while I’m gone, at least not to a point beyond recognition. I gotta know that my dream boy is still going to be here waiting for me to come back so he can talk shit, tell me everything I’m doing wrong, laugh at all my stupid mistakes, then grab me and tell me that he’s proud of me.

If only my recruiter would remind me of that, this might be an okay Monday.


Jess Morgan

Are we to just ignore the man in a speedo casually walking in and out of the screen?


Jess Morgan

Are we to just ignore the man in a speedo casually walking in and out of the screen?

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Nicole Zapoli

Oh fuck 😳

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It’s been a good week for crossfit 😊

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It’s been a good week for crossfit 😊


5x5 DL @ 80(ish)%

No rack front squats (135/95#)
Double unders
My time (Rx): 20:50 

Bar was hella heavy today, double unders were just not happening until my last 30. Most emotional I’ve ever been during any workout ever (literally started crying) and I had the worst time of the day.. Got the Rx though, that’s the last time I take four days off, eat like shit, and come back expecting to be strong and fast. Now excuse me while I go throw up/pass out/cry some more.



Does anyone have one of these?? They look amazing! But I want to know if its really worth it, or is it the same as just putting lemon slices in my water. #zinganything @zinganything

I love mine, lemon tastes about the same but this lets you put absolutely anything in it! I love lime with cucumber in mine 😊 worth it.

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20 back squats @ 140# (8wk program)

10 kb swings (alt ea arm) 26#
20 sit ups
10 burpees

5 rounds
1 minute plank hold
20 GHD sit ups
1 minute rest

Skill: Snatch
7 min EMOM
Snatch grip DL
Hang power snatch
Squat snatch

Lessons of the day: go to fuckin depth, it pays to be a winner, 5 rounds of anything is always hell.

(20 days before shipping out)